Outline of Partnership with Sellers:
  • Full Price Offer
  • 20% Down Via Private Funding in 1st Position
  • 5 Year Balloon for Seller Carry Balance
  • Seller Carry Secured by Deed of Trust 2nd Position, No Payments/Interest
  • 50% Profit Sharing of Vacation Home Rental
  • Both Parties Benefit from a Well Run and Performing Property
  • Seller Receives a Large Payment, Agents are Compensated with the Sale

Property Benefits: 

  • Nest Thermostat installed in every home
  • Professional property manager utilized
  • All homes insured
  • We fix everything under $100
  • Payments are on time every month
  • Never find another tenant again
  • Home is professionally cleaned frequently after each guest vacates

These benefits align the interests of all parties, and is ideal for property owners looking to simplify the management of their assets.  

Option80 Premier Properties are improved and maintained with excellence.  

Please note, Option80 only utilizes spaces in which communities and cities are open to short term rentals.  Many communities welcome the economic benefit of short term rentals to local businesses, and individuals which benefit from visitors and job growth, and these are the ideal communities we partner within.  

Schedule a no obligation consultation to assess space feasibility using our contact form: 

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